For over 30 years, MBM Law has been providing legal services for a wide range of businesses, many of whom we’ve counseled from start-ups to their current status as a mature successful business.

Our clients include entrepreneurs just beginning to generate revenues, to successful, vibrant, businesses generating annual revenues in excess of $50,000,000 and employing several hundred people. Some of our client industries are commercial and residential contractors, retailers, real estate developers, technology companies and consultants, restaurants, day-care centers, hair salons, clothiers, health and fitness facilities, manufacturers and many more.

We counsel individuals with their choice of a limited liability entity and the quick, cost effective and efficient creation of the chosen entity. We work with multi-person entities and assist them understand key issues arising among “partners”. For example, what happens if someone wants to leave the business?  Or what if disagreements arise regarding critical business decisions such as how to raise additional capital or the hiring and firing of employees?

For most entrepreneurs entity creation is just the beginning. Moving forward client contracts, employee and independent contractor agreements, non-compete arrangements, business logo trademarks, real estate leases all become important business documents. Our familiarity with small businesses allows us to assist with these documents in most cases on a fixed fee basis allowing you to budget your costs.

The familiarity and confidence you gain with our firm coupled with our opportunity to understand your business during the entity creation process with is an advantage you will not receive when dealing with national online entity creation websites and call centers.

A successful business only begins with the creation of a business entity. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence in our law firm to assist you with all your legal needs as your business grows.