A single member limited liability company is a limited liability company consisting of one owner, known as a member. Although some states do not allow it, Pennsylvania permits the formation of a single member limited liability company. Unless the member elects otherwise, a single member limited liability company is taxed as a sole proprietorship.


  • No personal liability for the company’s member. Commonly referred to as a “limited liability entity”
  • The entity is known as a “pass-through entity” as the income passes directly to the members, avoiding the double taxation pitfall associated with “C” Corporations
  • Flexible governance and organizational requirements:
    • No restriction on types of owners or creating varying member classes
    • Able to utilize multiple ownership classes with varying voting and income rights


  • All earnings subject to self-employment tax
    • No taxable difference between member “wage” payments and company distributions to members
    • Impact dependent on projected revenues
  • Less formalities, which may cause difficulties with transferability of ownership

We believe that you need a great team, starting with a great account. Forming a company involves tax matters that our law firm does not handle. You should confirm with your account or tax professional on an entity choice before forming an entity.


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