Our website will provide you with quick, efficient, and cost-effective means to create an entity and properly register with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. An attorney experienced with entity creation and start-up businesses will assist you in the process.

Because we are an actual law firm and not an “online” service, as part of the entity creation process, you will have contact with an attorney, the same attorney, throughout the process who will be available to answer questions related to the entity creation and business start up process.

As speakers for the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center (“SBDC”) for the past 7 years, we interact with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. We understand that there will be questions, and very likely will have assisted many others with very similar questions and issues.

Our experience will assist us understand your concerns and in most instances our staff will possess the knowledge to provide you with a quick, immediate and on-point answer. We will provide you with timely e-mail confirmations of all activity related to your entity keeping you up to date throughout the entity registration and creation process. We will be available by phone to answer your questions in a timely and informative manner.

Upon completion of the entity creation process, you will be in possession of all documentation confirming your entity registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, your federal taxpayer identification number, and all entity organizational documents. Most importantly upon completion of the entity registration process you will have established a relationship with an attorney and a law firm positioned to assist your business with its legal needs as it begins operations.