“C” Corporation

A Pennsylvania corporation properly formed pursuant to Pennsylvania law provides its shareholders protection from personal liability and, therefore, is referred to as a limited liability entity.

A business owner may elect to form a “C” Corporation under Subchapter “C” of the Internal Revenue Code and corresponding Pennsylvania law, which provides for unlimited growth potential and is less limiting than an “S” Corporation.

  1. Has no limitations on the number of type of shareholders. A shareholder may be an entity or non-resident aliens.
  2. May take special qualifying deductions.
  3. Has unlimited growth potential through the sale of stocks.
  4. Is taxed as a separate entity and most report profits and losses on an annual corporate return.
  5. Pays taxes on the profits of the Corporation while individual shareholders pay taxes on what he/she is paid from the Corporation.


  • No personal liability for corporation’s owners. Commonly referred to as “limited liability entity”
  • Perpetual existence, even if the original owner leaves the company
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • More flexible ownership requirements
  • Unlimited classes of stock


  • Double taxation. The revenue is taxed at the company legal and against as shareholder dividends
  • Additional costs to form
  • Strict, statutorily-mandated record keeping and corporate formality requirements
  • No deduction of corporate losses for individual shareholders (which are allowed in an “S” Corporation)
  • Flexibility in determining a fiscal year

Single Shareholder Corporation

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Multiple Shareholders Corporation

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