Engagement – Single Member LLC (Standard)

You consent to our Engagement Letter by clicking PROCEED below.

You have requested that Maiello, Brungo & Maiello, LLP (“MBM”) represent you in the organization of a Pennsylvania single member limited liability company. The total fee for this service as itemized below in (i) through (iii) is $485.00, plus the State Required Filing Fees charged by the Pennsylvania Department of State currently listed as $125.00, for a total fee of $610.00. Payment is due upon acceptance of the terms of our engagement.

MBM will provide the following services to you for the organization of the limited liability company (“LLC”):

  1. Preparation and filing of Certificate of Organization with the Pennsylvania Department of State;
  2. Preparation and drafting of a standard single member Operating Agreement; and
  3. Complete IRS SS-4 application and obtain an employer identification number for the LLC from the Internal Revenue Service.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing, MBM will not perform additional legal services under this limited engagement.

MBM will keep you informed as to the progress of your matter and, when necessary, MBM will send you copies (either electronically or via first class mail) of all pertinent documents. Either of us may terminate this engagement at any time for any reason by written notice subject on our part to the applicable Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct. In the event of such termination (whether by you or by MBM), you will be responsible for MBM’s fees and costs up to the date of termination and such additional costs as may be incurred in the event MBM is required to transfer your work to a new attorney. MBM reserves the right to decline to continue services to clients who do not pay within our payment policy.

Unless previously terminated, MBM’s engagement will terminate upon MBM sending you the final limited liability company documents prepared under this limited engagement. If you request, any original papers and property sent by you to MBM will be returned to you. MBM’s own files pertaining to this matter (including attorney’s work product, administrative records, and document copies) will be retained by MBM in accordance with our document retention policy. Subject to MBM’s obligations under the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct applicable, we reserve the right to destroy or otherwise permanently dispose of any documents or other materials, in whatever format (paper, electronic, etc.) retained by MBM after the termination of the engagement.

By accepting the terms of this limited engagement, you agree to remit full payment to MBM by way of our online payment portal.

Maiello, Brungo & Maiello, LLP

By: /s/ John H. Prorok, Partner